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Chase - On Duty

Steff's Thoughts...

...run while you can!

Random observations
Chase - On Duty
Things I have rediscovered I like about Dreamwidth:

  1.  Dogpiling and derailing is much less likely to happen.
  2. It's much easier to avoid content you don't want to see.

Things I think Tumblr did better:

  1. Artist exposure and gaining a new audience for works.
  2. Less intensive in the intellectual sense; when I don't have a ton of energy, reblogging is easier than writing something new.

Anyway, I will actually do some writing, etc. when I'm not scrambling to backup old content. Also posted on Dreamwidth at: https://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/302328.html

Pillowfort and Comm Info
Chase - On Duty

My Pillowfort: maul

For all Maul fans, of all stripes (or diamonds, or–)

Pillowfort: all-ages-maul - the community for SFW Maul love, all ages friendly!
Pillowfort: darthmaul - the adults only community for everyone’s favorite zabrak (that doesn’t mean you have to post adult content, but if you’d rather the company of adults, that’s the one for you)

Dreamwidth: all-maul - also an adults only community.  Same thing; it’s not just for adult content, just a space for adults to interact and stan the handsome bastard.

Everyone’s welcome.  Legit.  That’s why the rules are set up the way they are; even if we all have differences in opinion, we can choose to engage or not with content and respect is the watchword.  I’m also looking into possibly getting webspace for NSFW artwork for members of the adult communities; we’ll see as things start coalescing.  Also posted on Dreamwidth at: https://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/301825.html

Joke's on you
Chase - On Duty
I literally delete everything you post to my journals without reading it. *shrugs* I don't owe you a soapbox, asshole. And just for the record? Ray Vecchio would think you were an asshole, too. XD

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/301151.html

DS anon--
Chase - On Duty
I literally do not give a shit what your opinion is on my pairings, preferences or otherwise, and you can go eat a bag of dicks. Go away.

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/301029.html

Quick piece--
Chase - On Duty
--to mark Mike's birthday.

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/300794.html

Chase - On Duty
I suck at it.

I need a break from politics for awhile. Anyone got any writing or drawing prompts? Midnight Blue preferred, but I'll try due South, too. No promises on completion, but it might help distract me from-- everything. Because everything sucks.

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/299669.html

Fic - A Queen and Two Rooks - [T] - Gen
Chase - On Duty
Title: A Queen and Two Rooks (Chapter 1)
Fandom: Midnight Blue
Characters: Mike Chase, Brett Jennings, Cathy Johannsen
Words: 2590
Timeline: 1985
Summary: After an undercover from VPD spots Brett on the gay club scene, Mike has to come up with a plan.

Follow the link to Ao3

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/299283.html

How to be a Fox
Chase - On Duty
My arting for today is the non-canon but self-indulgent comic How to be a Fox.

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/299014.html

The last two days art
Chase - On Duty

From the story Frequencies. Click here for the full-sized/full-background version.

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/298851.html

New Forum!
Chase - On Duty
So anyway, the amazing [personal profile] ride_4ever and I have created a new central meeting place for due South, C6D and Twin Peaks fandoms. Called Both Sides of the Border, it's an all inclusive, non-discriminatory forum designed to protect the privacy and safety of its members. Most of the board isn't visible to the public and new folks are vetted before given access to the full forum (though vetting is usually just a case of whether we recognize your name and that you're not certain anonymous trolls), so this is meant to be a safe space for folks.

So, if you're part of any of those fandoms (and C6D covers a LOT of ground -- like Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica are both C6D, for example), please come and join us. You'll be welcomed. <3

Also posted on Dreamwidth at: http://sl-walker.dreamwidth.org/298688.html