SLWalker (sl_walker) wrote,

Fic - Fireworks

Title: Fireworks
Fandom: BLoSC
Prompt: See title.
Pairing: Buzz/Mira
Disclaimer: They belong to Disney/Pixar, not me.
Notes: For exp630kila.  Buzz, Mira, back yard and fireworks.  Kind of just a short little scene.

The sky exploded, but it was in a pretty way.

They sat in the back yard, watching the fireworks going off in a park not too far off; a patriotic celebration, complete with families and hotdogs and good cheer.  They'd debated about whether to go or not, and finally decided to spend a quiet evening at home.  Plus, they could see the light display well enough from here, with the added bonus that they could go inside at any point.

"The whole 'kisses equal fireworks' thing... don't get it."

Mira looked over at her husband, chewing down a grin. "Why not?"

Buzz made a random gesture; he tended to talk nearly as much with his hands as he did with his voice. "Well, isn't it like saying that kisses are explosively loud and involve the bright spewing of color?  I mean, it really sounds more like a bodily function than something romantic."

"Leave it to you," Mira said, but she was laughing as she did.  Buzz's sense of humor was kind of cheesy and kind of peculiar, but there was something to be said for the way he connected kissing, via fireworks, to less pleasant things.  "Metaphorically, it's a pretty good description."

"We don't kiss like fireworks," he pointed out, and she thought she saw him smother a smirk.  That was when she knew that he was just ribbing her. "Or butterflies, or... uh, magic.  Or anything like that."

"So, what do we kiss like?" she asked, knowing she was taking the bait and perfectly happy with doing so.

Buzz leaned over and kissed her; it was familiar and comfortable.  Then he sat back again, failing to keep the kind of self-satisfied grin off his face. "Like old married people."
Tags: blosc, fanfic
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